Banana Fry refers to a snack in Kerala, India made of ripe bananas/plantains dip in batter then deep-fried in coconut oil.

Banana Fry is also called Pazham Porichathu, Pazham Pori, Ethakka Appam or Ethakkappam.

Banana Fry

Banana Fry is very similar to the Philippines banana fritters called Maruya. In other Asian cities, like Thailand, they also have the same snack sold by street peddlers or in tea shops much like in the Philippines and India.

There are many varieties of bananas grown and harvested in Kerala, but the best variety of banana used for making Banana Fry is known as Nenthra Pazham or Etha Pazham, the ripe ones. Several dishes, mostly sweets may be cooked using this variety of plantain/banana, such as Nenthra Pazham Payasam.

Please see Nenthra Pazham or Etha Pazham in another article.

Banana Fry

Variety stores selling assorted snacks, including Banana Fry

Picture above is one of the Chaya Kada or Teashops in Allepey, Kerala, India selling different varieties of snacks, including of course Banana Fry. They are available everyday.

Thailand's Banana Fry as street food

Picture above is Thailand's version of Banana Fry.

Personal Note: Although I love my country's (Philippines) version of Banana Fry, the Kerala's Banana Fry is much more delicious, basically I think, it is because they are fried in coconut oil which is the cooking oil used in Kerala. It is much more tasty and I can eat a lot of it and survive the whole day travelling around, just eating them. Besides, in every street corners, there are shops selling Banana Fry, very convenient.

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