English: Bengali Kasundi (Chile Mustard Relish) / Deutsch: Bengalisches Kasundi (Chile-Senf-Relish) / Español: Bengali Kasundi (Pepinillo de mostaza de Chile) / Português: Bengali Kasundi (Pepino mostarda chilena) / Français: Bengali Kasundi (Cornichon à la moutarde chilienne) / Italiano: Bengali Kasundi (Sottaceto di senape al peperoncino) /

- Bengali Kasundi (Chile Mustard Relish) : Bengali Kasundi also known as Chile Mustard Relish is the famous Bengali food known for its spiciness or fieriness. Bengali Kasundi is made from the paste of green mango, fresh red hot chillis, mustard and garlic. The relish goes best with Tandoori dishes, Kebabs, Shellfish curries, Sandwiches and tea time snacks. To keep the relish preserved for a long time, water during preparation must be avoided. time. This West Bengal relish is one of the favorites fo people who like hot flavors.

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