English: Frappe / Deutsch: Frappe / Español: Frappe / Português: Frappe / Français: Frappe / Italiano: Frappe /

Frappe is a French word for something that has ice or set on ice. It also means "in a bed of ice". Frappe is defined as:

1. an egg-white and sugar syrup whipped until so aerated that the density reaches 100?g in 200?mL (5?lb per gallon).
2. a mixture made of fruit juice or other flavored liquid, like coffee, tea or cocoa, that has been frozen to a slushy consistency that is served as a drink, appetizer or dessert; and
3. a liqueur poured over shaved or crushed ice that is served after dinner

Frappe is pronounced as "fra pay"
Other definition:
Frappe refers to the frothy mixture of water, coffee , milk and sugar which is considered by many as the national drink of Greece

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