Gebirgsblütenhonig which is also called Bergblütenhonig refers to mountain flowers honey usually from Bayern or Bavaria used as bread spread. It is originally made from the wildflowers of the mountains, it has a very aromatic and creamy taste due to the fact that the wildflowers has a short blooming period or short flowering time. It has also a deep yellow color Gebirgsblütenhonig is the German term which literally means "mountain blossom honey". It is also called Berghonig (literally "mountain honey") Gebirge is the german word for " mountain" and mountain Gebirgsblume means "mountain flowers". I accidentally tumble with this kind of honey while going around the supermarket to search for honey. I really never thought that there are so many different varieties of honey, and this is just one of the many that I have encountered. The brand that I have already tasted so far is Breitsamer's Mountain Honey, but there are other available brands. Actually, when I saw how many kinds of honey there are in the supremarket shelves, I got confused what to buy, I just experiemented on this one since it was my first time to encounter this term, out of my curiosity. It actually really tasted different from other honeys which I have already tasted here in Germany. It is really more flavorful and it works very well with butter and freshly baked Brötchen.

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