Gula Melaka also known in various names, such as Chinese: Yee Tong Tamil: Karupati Indonesia: Gula Jawa India/Sri Lanka: Jaggery/Sharkkara, Malaccan Sugar, Coconut Sugar Gula Melaka refers to Palm Sugar which is the sap/juice that is extracted from the bud of the coconut tree and processed into cylindrical cakes. In Asia, it is used in preparing desserts in place of sugar because of its distinctive and different flavor which is very good in making sweets and desserts. The flavor of Gula Melaka is often improved with Duan Pandan (Screwpine Leaves) in its preparation. Gula Melaka is used as a filling in one of the popular dessert called Putu Piring and also Kueh Dadar or Ketayap. In India, it is also used as a filling for their steamed cake called Ela Adai and other desserts and sweets. In the Philippines, it is used for making traditional rice cakes.

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