Kalamansi (Scientific name: Citrus microcarpa) refers to a small and round lime or citrus fruit indigenous to the Philippines. Used as souring agent for various Filipino dishes, like Sinigang, its juice is squeezed into Philippine noodles called Pancit or in Philippines porridge called Arroz Caldo or Goto. It is also used as dipping sauce/condiment together with soy sauce (Toyo) called Toyomansi (Toyo + Calamansi) and Patis (fish sauce). Its sour juice is also made into Calamansi juice, just likemaking a Lemonade. Together with soy sauce, it is used as marinade for meats especially for grilling or barbecuing. Kalamansi is also known as Philippine lime, Chinese orange, Panama orange, Calamondin orange, Aldonisis, Calamonding, Calamunding, Calamundi, Kalamondin, Kalamunding, Kalamonding, Kalamundin

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