Arroz Caldo is the Filipino word for rice porridge or congee made of glutionous rice cooked with chicken pieces, onions, garlic, ginger and Kasubha. It is a variety of savory Lugaw which is the Filipino generic term for rice porridge/congee or gruel which can be made by boiling ordinary rice or better yet glutinous rice (malagkit na bigas) with lots of water. There are several varieties of Lugaw in the Philippines, such as Arroz Caldo and Goto (rice porridge with offal/innards)

Arroz caldo is best served while it is hot with Patis (fish sauce) and Calamansi (native Philippine lemon). Sometimes , it is also served with boiled egg.

Kasubha sometimes alternately refered to as saffron, Kasubha is not saffron . Kasubha is Carthamus dentatus Blanco and is grown in the Philippines for the dye obtained from its flowers. The flowers are also used in coloring foods yellow and as a culinary ingredient. Kasubha is still planted in the Philippines but it is a native of Egypt.

Other local names of Kasubha in Philippines are: Biri (Tagalog); Kasabha (Bisaya.); Kasubha (Tagalog.); Kasumbo (Tagalog.); Kachumba (Pampango.); Lago (Tagalog.);

Kasubha is also called Parrot seed, safflower, fake saffron, wild saffron in English.

Personal Note: I have been to the Philippines for 6 months for my vacation in 2013 and I have eaten a lot of Arroz Caldo in many food shops , but now one of them used Kasubha for their Arroz Caldo. I am so curious now and will try to find out where I can find Kasubha in the Philippines when I return.

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