Arroz Caldo  is the Filipino word for rice porridge or congee made of glutionous rice cooked with chicken pieces, onions, garlic , ginger and Kasubha. It is a variety of  savory Lugaw which is the Filipino generic term  for rice porridge/congee or gruel which can be made by boiling ordinary rice or better yet glutinous rice (malagkit na bigas) with lots of water . There are several varieties of Lugaw in the Philippines, such as Arroz Caldo and Goto (rice porridge with offal/innards)


Arroz caldo is best served while it is hot with Patis (fish sauce) and Calamansi (native Philippine lemon). Sometimes , it is also served with boiled egg.

Kasubha sometimes alternately refered to as saffron, Kasubha is not saffron . Kasubha is Carthamus dentatus Blanco and is grown in the Philippines for the dye obtained from its flowers. The flowers are also used in coloring foods yellow and as a culinary ingredient. Kasubha is still planted in the Philippines  but it is a native of Egypt. 

Other local names of Kasubha in Philippines are:  Biri (Tagalog); Kasabha (Bisaya.); Kasubha (Tagalog.); Kasumbo (Tagalog.); Kachumba (Pampango.); Lago (Tagalog.);

Kasubha is also called Parrot seed, safflower, fake saffron, wild saffron in English. 


Personal Note: I have been to the Philippines for 6 months for my vacation in 2013 and I have eaten a lot of Arroz Caldo in many food shops , but now one of them used Kasubha for their Arroz Caldo.  I am so curious now and will try to find out where I can find Kasubha in the Philippines when I return.


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