Goto Batangas refers to a variety of Philippine Goto or rice porridge which is a specialty from Batangas. Goto Batangas is different from the traditional Goto (Goto Arroz Caldo) which most Filipinos know. The traditional Goto is made of glutinous rice mixed with pieces of a cow’s reticulum or tripe. It resembles a congee, a porridge of China. On the other hand, Goto Batangas does not contain does not contain glutinous rice, instead, it is a mixed pot of diced tripe, cow’s skin, intestines, liver, tongue, blood and meat simmered and seasoned with lots of onions, garlic, pepper and salt. It is colored red as Achuete powder is also added for flavor and color. This peculiar dish has become part of Batangueños’ rich food culture and tradition. As they say, if you’re a “barako,” you are up to just about anything, even when it comes to what you eat. Goto houses are popular in the Philippines because Goto is not only delicious, but is also a cheap source of food.
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