Deutsch: Eingelegter Milchfisch / Español: Leche de pescado en vinagre / Português: Peixe-leite em conserva / Français: Maquereau lait mariné / Italiano: Pesce latte in aceto

Paksiw na Bangus in the food context refers to a traditional Filipino dish made with bangus (milkfish), which is cooked in vinegar, garlic, and spices. This method of cooking, known as "paksiw," involves simmering fish (or sometimes meat) in a vinegar-based sauce, which imparts a tangy flavor and acts as a preservative. The dish often includes other ingredients such as ginger, peppercorns, and sometimes vegetables like bitter gourd (ampalaya) or eggplant to enhance the taste and nutrition of the dish.


Paksiw na Bangus is valued for its simplicity and the way it highlights the natural flavors of the milkfish, a staple in the Filipino diet. The vinegar not only flavors the dish but also tenderizes the fish, making it more succulent. Paksiw na Bangus is a comfort food for many Filipinos, serving as a testament to the cuisine's fondness for sour dishes. It's commonly eaten with steamed rice, which balances the dish's tanginess.

Application Areas

Paksiw na Bangus is typically enjoyed as:

  • Main Dish: Often served as part of a regular meal, especially during lunch or dinner.
  • Comfort Food: Appreciated for its homey and simple nature.
  • Traditional Cuisine: Represents a classic Filipino culinary practice, showcasing the use of vinegar in cooking.

Well-Known Examples

While Paksiw na Bangus is specific to milkfish, the paksiw cooking method is also used with other types of fish and meats, such as:

  • Paksiw na Isda: Referring to paksiw dishes made with other types of fish.
  • Paksiw na Lechon: Made with leftover roast pork (lechon) cooked in a vinegar sauce.


A basic recipe for making Paksiw na Bangus involves:

  1. Ingredients:

    • 1 whole bangus (milkfish), cleaned and sliced
    • 1 cup vinegar
    • 1/2 cup water
    • 4-6 cloves garlic, crushed
    • 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, sliced
    • 1-2 pieces of bitter gourd (optional), sliced
    • Salt and whole peppercorns to taste
  2. Preparation:

    • Arrange the sliced bangus in a pot.
    • Add the vinegar, water, garlic, ginger, and whole peppercorns. If using, add the sliced bitter gourd.
    • Bring the mixture to a boil, then lower the heat and simmer for about 15-20 minutes or until the fish is cooked through.
    • Season with salt to taste.
    • Serve hot with steamed rice.

Treatment and Risks

When preparing Paksiw na Bangus, it's important to handle the fish carefully to avoid breaking the flesh during cooking. Additionally, the spines of the milkfish are sharp and numerous, so care should be taken when cleaning and eating the fish to avoid ingesting any bones.

Similar Terms or Synonyms

  • Vinegar-Poached Milkfish


Paksiw na Bangus is a cherished Filipino dish that exemplifies the traditional use of vinegar in cooking, offering a flavorful and tangy way to enjoy milkfish. It is a testament to the simplicity and richness of Filipino culinary culture, enjoyed across generations and regions of the Philippines.


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