Dinengdeng refers to the food from the Philippines, particularly from the Ilocos Region. Dinengdeng boiled vegetables seasoned with Fish sauce . It is made by combining varieties of vegetables, such as Sitaw (String Beans), Kalabasa (Squash), Talong (Eggplant), Ampalaya (Bitter Gourd) and Saluyot (Jute Leaces)  with with ginger roots, tomatoes  and red onions (Lasona) cooked by boiling with little water and Fish sauce called Bagoong . It is sweetened a bit by adding some pieces Kamote (sweet potatoes). Fried or Grilled fish can also be added.

Dinengdeng is a bit similar to Pinakbet and Bulanglang, but Dinengdeng is more like a soup (soupy base)

Other vegetables which can be added to this dish are: Okra , Upo, Sigarillas, Kamote tops (Talbos ng Kamote), Malunggay leaves, Squash flowers, bamboo shoots


This is a very healthy dish that I myself have learned to eat and love. I can say that I grew up eating this dish since my father hails from Ilocos Sur, where Dinengdeng is one of the staple dishes.

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