Kappioka/Kappiokka/Kappa Varuthath/Varuthathu refers to Indian savory snacks made from Cassava. They are formed like noodles and flavored with different spices, such as Masala powder and Curry leaves . They are also cooked as sweet snacks by adding sugar or Jaggery to the noodle-like snacks. They are deep-fried in Coconut Oil that make these snacks more delicious and tasty.

Noodle-like sweet and savory snacks are popular in India. They are also added to a savory mixture of nuts and Sev called "Mixture" in Kerala, India.

Kappioka/Kappiokka/Kappa Varuthath/Varuthathu simply means fried Cassava in different types and forms, like this noodle-shaped snacks

Here are the pictures of 2 kinds of Kappioka/Kappa Varuthath/Varuthathu which were one of the many sweet and savory snacks sold during Christmas midnight masses held in many churches in Kerala, India.

This is the sweet version of Kappa Varithathu
This is the sweet version of Kappa Varuthathu above with green coloring
The savory version of Kappa Varithathu flavored with Masala called Masala Kappa/Kappiokka Varithathu
The savory version of Kappa Varuthathu flavored with Masala called Masala Kappa/Kappioka Varuthathu

List of books: Kappioka/Kappiokka/Kappa,Varuthath/Varuthathu

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