Kundan kaliya also called Kaliya refers a mutton preparation with gravy along with the compulsory inclusion of turmeric or saffron. It is a preparation commonly served at lunch or dinner or both. To create novelty in this popular dish some variations have been devised by the cooks of Awadh, for instance Mahi Kaliya, Chandi Kaliya and the unbeatable Kundan Kaliya. The latter is a delicacy designed by the bawarchis and rakabdars to please their Nawabs. The use of gold leaf in this dish lends a touch of luxury to it. The carefully carved mutton pieces wrapped in gold leaf, placed on a bed of rich gravy shimmering with gold amalgamated in it, is a stimulant for jaded appetites.

A mutton preparation, Kundan kaliya is a must at every royal Awadh wedding feast. In this recipe, fine pieces of lamb are simmered in rich gravy flavored with saffron and turmeric. The use of gold leaf in this dish adds a touch of opulence to it.

This is a food from Uttar Pradesh, one of the Indian State
List of books: Kundan,kaliya