Ligo is the brand name of the most popular canned sardines in the Philippines and you bet they are popular because in all the Asian stores I have been in Bremen and Hamburg, Germany, only the Ligo brand is available. Ligo canned sardines is a very versatile food which can be made into a lot of dishes. It can simply be sauteed with crushed garlic and chopped onions and they are are ready to be serve with plain rice. My mom used to sautee Ligo sardines with Miswa/Misua, a kind of rice flour noodles and we have a joyous feast no matter what time my mom serves her Ginisang Ligo with Misua. It can be sauteed with other vegetables like Cabbage (Repolyo ) or Bottle Gourd (Upo) and also with Patola . It can also be sauteed with Vermicelli or Mung beans glass noodles and any dish will be delicious with Ligo I grew up with Ligo and we survived poverty, including lack of food because of Ligo. Today, whenever I visit an Asian store in the Philippines, I always pack my bag with Ligo. When I was young, Ligo is available only in green cans and nowadays, they have Ligo in red cans (spicy version) and in white cans which is from Mackarel. Hmmm, I suddenly miss my mom's cooking
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