Limpet (Patella caerulea Linnaeus) refers to a mollusk usually found around rocky coasts. Limpets are not really that flavorful, and the meat tends to be tough. Limpet's shell is conical and more or less symmetrical, with a pearly interior and normanny no more tha 4 to 5 centimeters long. However, giant Limpets with a flesh as hard as a leather reach up to 8 centimeters in the Corsican isle of Cavalho. Limpets are normally eaten raw, Greeks make them into a soup. Limpet is called Patelle in French; Petalida in Greek; Patella in Italian; Lapa in Spanish; N'lat in Tunisian; Deniz Kulagi in Turkish. Other names inlcude: Chapeau Chinois, also Arapede, Alepedo in Midi; and Barretet in Catalan.

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