Lakerda refers to Armenian salted dried fish. It also refers to a pickled King fish. To make pickled King fsh, see recipe below
Lakerda is a Croatian word for mackerel.
In Turkish it means saltbonito, bonito preserved in salt

Lakerda - Pickled King Fish

Fresh kingfish
Olive Oil
Lemon juice

The Kingfish must be fresh. Cut into 2 inch slices. Take out the marrow of the back bone with toothpick. Wash, drain and arrange in a crock and sprinkle generously with salt (not iodized). Lay a plate or a round piece of wood over the slices and place a heavy stone on top of it. Let stand overnight. Next day wash the fish again, drain, put them back in the crock, salt again, scatter 4 or 5 bay leaves over the fish. Put back the plate and the weight, cover and keep in the refrigerator for 10 or 15 days, the longer the better. When serving, wash fish and sprinkle generously with olive oil and lemon juice.
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