Lansones also spelled Lanzones is one of the fruits grown in the Philippines. Its scientific name is Lansium domesticum Correa , a fruit from the family Meliaceae.

Lansones is also known as Langsat. Other common names in the Philippines of Lansones are: Boboa/Bulanan/Bukan (Bisayan); Buahan/Buan (Mbo., Sul.); Kaliboñgan (Mbo.); and Tubua (Bag.).

In India , Lansones is called Longkong and it is called Da Guo Lan Sa in Chinese.

Lansones is popular for its fruit. They are succulent and sweet when it is in season. In the Philippines, Lansones is eaten on hand aftre removing the skin and the seed whihc is quite bitter when accidentally bitten. However, it is said that its fruit flesh may be candied or preserved in syrup which I have never tried.

Laguna, a province south of Manila is famous for its Lansones, but another island in the Mindanao region , the Camiguin Island is more famous for the sweetest Lansones in the Philippines and they even celebrate Lansones Festival to honor the Lanzones fruit grown in abundance on the Island.The festival held during the 3rd week in October

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