- Mechoui / Méchoui : Mechoui refers to whole roast lamb or spit-roasted lamb (or kid) which is one of the national foods of Mauritania. It is a traditional nomad's feast, where a whole lamb is roasted over fire and stuffed with cooked rice. Moreover, Méchoui is roast mutton in Mali. In Morocco, Méchoui is prepared by rubbing first the meat with garlic and cumin and then roasted and cooked until the meat is soft, well-cooked and tender that it can be pulled off with the fingers. Mauritania is a country in northwest Africa, bounded by Algeria to the north-east, Mali to the east and south-east, Senegal to the south-west, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and by Moroccan-annexed territory of Western Sahara on the north-west.

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