Nargisi kofta is a dish of hard-boiled eggs enclosed in spicy minced lamb gravy from Uttar Pradesh, India. This dish resembles the eye and the name evokes the yellow and white narcissus of spring time. This large organic free range eggs wrapped in a flavorful mince lamb mix make an exotic meal on its own and doesn’t really need any side dishes. It also pairs well with lachha parathas and a mint cucumber raita on the side.

A very interesting aspect of Awadh cuisine is the inspiration it draws from a Myriad sources - seasons and celebrations, flora and fauna, personalities, poetry and colour. In Urdu poetry one finds frequent references to the "Narcissus-like eyes" (Nargisi aankhen) of the beloved. And sure enough, the bawarchis of Awadh designed the Nargis Kofta, extending the simile to the dastarkhwan! The choice of egg for this dish was most appropriate. The Nargisi Kofta is essentially a hard boiled egg, wrapped in mince and deep fried, when halved lengthwise it resembles the eye! Purists go to the length of selecting eggs which are more slim than round to get the perfect shape.
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