Putu Herba refers to one of Malaysia's hawkers food, a sort of variation of Putu Piring."Herba" in Malaysian simply means "herb". In making Putu Herba, the "Herba" refers to ground fenugeek seeds that is mixed into the palm sugar filling. This gives this Kelantanese Putu their intriguing flavor. The Putu Herba is cooked by wrapping completely, rather than partially, in thick cotton cloth, and then steamed uncovered. As they steam, the cakes' filling seeps through the dough and stains their cloth wrappers. A certain heft in weight and texture, and a decided stickiness further differntiate Putu Herba, the extra dark palm sugar in the filling makes them sweetly smoky, and the fenugreek adds a nutty, bitter, and almost pleasant medicinal note. Putu Herba and Putu Piring in Kelantan are more substantial snacks than those found streetside in Malaysia's capital. In the northern state of Kelantan the road from Cabang Empat to Tumpat in Malaysia is lined with vendors selling Putu Piring, steamed rice flour cakes filled with palm sugar and Putu Herba, just a variation of Putu Piring with additional herb mixed with the palm sugar. About 10 Putu Herba vendors are found about ten (10) kilometers from Kota Bahru on the road to Tumpat, late afternoons, after two (2) in the afternoons. Kota Bharu is the capital city of the State Kelantan. It is an islamic state with warm and gentle people.

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