Achar which is also spelled as Achaar is the Indian word for "Pickle". There are various Achar being prepared in Kerala, India using different vegetables and fruits, seafoods and fish.

The most popular pickles are Manga/ Kada Manga Achar (Mango Pickles), Naranga Achar (Lemon Pickle), Garlic Pickle. Other kinds of Acgar are: Kakka Erachi Achar (Clam meat pickles), Inji Achar (Ginger Pickles), Beetroot Pickles, Pavakka (Bitter Melon) Achar  and a lot more.

Achar is made by cooking the basic ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, seafood and fish  with lots of spices, such as Kadugu (Black Mustard seeds), Red chili powder, Turmeric, Kaluva Podi ( Fenugreek powder), Kaayam Podi (Asafoetida powder), Nallenna (Sesame Oil), Vinegar, Salt and Curry leaves

However, there are also ready-made Pickle Powder (mixture) available in supermarkets and foodshops around Kerala. And for those whohave really no time to cook Achar, there are some ready-to-eat Achar packed in small plastic available in the market, foodshops and supermarkets.

Here below is the picture of my very own Achar, Pickled Kamias using the Ready-Made Pickle Powder (mixture) with the fruit from my Kamias tree. (Please see article on Kamias). Fusion of Indian and Philippines food.

Below are pictures of assorted Ready-To-Eat Achar in small plastic packs which I saw in a foodshop on my way to Munnar

Garlic Achar, Mango Achar and Lemon Achar, respectively

Another Manga Achar picture below which is the spicier version that the first one above:

Please see different kinds of Achar in related Articles. Below, I present to you only the Pickle Powder which was given to me when I was in Allepey so I can also cook Achar in Germany.