- Rigó Jancsi (Torta) : Rigó Jancsi refers to Hungarian chocolate sponge-cake filled with light chocolate mousse and coated with chocolate. Moreover, Rigó Jancsi Torta is defined as a Hungarian cubed shaped chocolate sponge cake with cream filling in the centre and Ganache coating on top. This Hungarian pastry gained ist popularity in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire during the 19th century. It was said that a Hungarian gypsy violinist Rigó Jancsi seduced and married Clara Ward, the Princess de Caraman-Chimay and only daughter of E. B. Ward, American millionaire and the Belgian Prince de Caraman-Chimays wife. Although, the exact origin and history of Rigó Jancsi cannot be proven, it is believed that Rigó Jancsi created the pastry together with an unknown pastry chef to surprise Clara Ward whose affair with him shocked the aristocratic Parisian society. Rigó Jancsi story was so has touched many Hungarians, hence this cake (Rigó Jancsi Torta) named after him became a celebration of his life.

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