Renkon is the Japanese word for "lotus roots". It is also known in as East Indian lotus, It is known in Japanese as Hasu.

The lotus root is a very popular ingredient in many Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes, and it is appreciated for its visual appearance and its crunchy texture.

The following is the name of Lotus Root in different languages: 

Chinese: lin, leen ngau, lianou


French:lotus sacré, feve d'Egypte, lis du Nil, rose du Nil, racines de lotus

German: Lotuswurzel, Indischer Lotus, Ägyptische Bohne

Hindi :kanwal, kamal

Indonesian: teratai, seroja merah, padma, pekaja

Italian:loto d'Egitto, giglio de nilo


Malay:teratai, serata, ubi teratai

Portuguese:lotus do Egipto

Spanish:loto sagrado, rosa del Nilo, haba de Egipto

Vietnamese:cu sen



List of books: Renkon

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