Smalec refers to a Polish food;  pork drippings; a lard in a solid form which is used as bread spread or spread on breads. In Germany, it is called Schmalz and mostly available during winter time. The Polish  Smalec, is said to taste best when served with slices of homemade bread and Polish beer. It is considered as an Appetizer and is often served prior to a meal.



Personal Note: Smalec is one of the foods that evoked childhood memories, my mother used to make this pork Drippings when we were young, since we were poor there were times when we didnt have enough food, so my mother used lard by mixing it to a newly cooked rice with salt or Patis (fish sauce ). So delicious. In Germany, I used Schmalz to spread on my bread when I want a savory breakfast.

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