Tsukudani is seafood (small fish, shelled clams and lavers), meat or seaweed that has been cooked and candied with soy sauce (Shoyu ) and mirin (sweet rice wine ) and sugar. Soy sauce preserves the ingredients naturally. Its name originates from Tsukujima island in Japan where it was first made in the Edo era. Many kinds of Tsukudani are sold. Because of its saltiness and sweetness, Tsukudani is highly preservable and has been favored as a storable side dish in Japanese kitchen since the Edo period. Tsukudani is usually used for o Onigiri (rice ball) and Ochazuke ( a bowl of rice served in green tea or dashi soup). Tsukudani came from the area of its origin called Tsukudajima, current Tsukuda area of Chuo City, which was the center of fishery in the city of Edo. Tsukudani is one of Tokyo's local specialties.

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