Tempero Baiano which literally means Bahian seasonings, refers to a spice mixture which got its name from the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, however, Tempero Baiano's popularity has spread throughout kitchens in Brazil. This spice mixture is versatile, complex, and distinctive. It is used to season fish, vegetables, and soups. It can transform a plain dish into something lively and flavorful.

There are perhaps as many variations of Tempero Baiano as there are Brazilians themselves. Like the ubiquitous Indian spice mixture Garam Masala, each cook and each family in Brazil has their own version, differs in taste due to the addition of different numbers of spices and pepper added to the recipe. some are hot, some are milder. The common elements that appear in most versions include oregano, one or more kinds of pepper, and parsley.

As with any homemade spice mixture, the fresher the spices are, the stronger the result. For the herbs, ungrinded dried leaves are preferred.

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