Aratilis small red fruits, small cherry-like fruit (or red currants) from a tree which is found in almost every neighborhood in the Philippines. The fruits is green, but turn into red little by little until it is ripe. The meat has a very fine sand-like texture. In the Philippines, children of the older generations enjoy gathering this fruit. In some places in the Philippines, Aratilis is called Mansanitis and in Ilonggo dialect , it is called Sarisa. Aratilis is a food source rich in Vitamin C, just like Bayabas (guava), Balimbing (star fruit), oranges, etc. The scientific name of Aratilis is M. Muntingia calabura of family Muntingiaceae. It is also known as: Jamaican cherry, Panama Berry, Singapore Cherry, Strawberry Tree; Bolaina, Yamanaza, Cacaniqua, Capulin Blanco, Nigua, Riguito, Memizo, Memiso (Spanish); Kersen (Indonesia); Ceri Kampung (Malaysia); Aratilis, Aratiles, Aratilis is native to the tropical Americas and as far south as Bolivia, this tree is now grown in Southeast Asia and parts of India. The small fruits grow to a little over 1/2 inch and are very well liked through its range. They are very sweet and said to taste like cotton candy. Only in Malaysia are they harvested for commercial sale, everywhere else they are just forraged, mainly by children. Aratilis is also caller Mansanitas/Manzanitas in Filipino. I am sure every child in the Philiipines who grew up some generations back have their own story about Aratilis.
List of books: Aratilis,/Arateles

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