Beurre Blanc is the French term which literally means "white butter " refers to a sauce made of finely chopped shallots stewed with vinegar or white wine, reducing the liquor then butter is added. Beurre Blanc is serve hot and goes very well with seafood and traditionally served with fishes like pike and shad. It can also be used on eggs, poultry and vegetables to add flavor. Beurre Blanc is cooked with variety of modern versions by adding to the basic recipe herbs, fruit juices or purées, soy, chilis and other based on the imagination of the cook. Beurre Blanc which translates into “white butter.” is a reference to the fact that while the sauce is cooked and blended, it is not browned, as in the case of Roux or Beurre Roux . Beurre Blanc sauce is sometimes mixed with other ingredients, but as a general rule it makes a delicate white sauce, rather than a heavier and more dense brown sauce. Beurre Blanc is pronounced "bur-blohnk".
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