Beef Masala refers to a popular dish from Kerala, India made from slices of beef cooked with onions and other spices such as black mustard seeds, Masala powder and curry leaves .

Beef Masala is usually one of the dishes cooked during special occassions and during Sundays.

In Allepey, Kerala, India, a kilo fresh beef is cheaper than a kilo of fresh chicken, so on Sundays when almost all members of the family are present, the housewives cook Beef Masala. 

Pictures below are different versions of Beef Masala cooked by various housewives in Kerala, south of India.

The 2 pictures above is Beef Masala served with slices of fresh tomatoes, onions and Muluku chilis and fresh curry leaves

Below is the picture of the Beef Masala I tasted in one of the Homestays in Munnar which I have eaten with rice. I wanted to show the curry leaf which made Masala dishes and all other South Indian dishes very delicious.


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