English: Cold buffet / Deutsch: Kaltes Buffet / Español: Buffet frío / Português: Buffet frio / Français: Buffet froid / Italiano: Buffet freddo /

Buffet froid is the French term which means "cold buffet".

"Buffet froid" is a French term that translates literally to "cold buffet." It refers to a type of meal service where food is laid out on a table or buffet for guests to serve themselves, and the food is typically served cold. A buffet froid might be set up for a party or other social gathering, and it might include a variety of cold dishes such as charcuterie, cheese, olives, cold cuts, salads, and other items. The food is usually presented in a way that allows guests to easily serve themselves, and it is typically accompanied by bread and other accompaniments. Some examples of dishes that might be included in a buffet froid could include:

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