Deutsch: Krabbe
A Crab is a decapod crustacean of the infraorder Brachyura, which typically have a very short projecting "tail" (abdomen), usually entirely hidden under the thorax. Crabs live in all the world's oceans, in fresh water, and on land, are generally covered with a thick exoskeleton and have a single pair of claws.

In the food context, crab refers to a type of crustacean that is commonly eaten as seafood. There are many different species of crabs, and they are often prepared and served in a variety of ways.

Some examples of dishes that feature crab include:

  • Crab cakes: A popular dish made with crab meat, bread crumbs, and various seasonings, often served with a remoulade or aioli sauce.
  • Crab legs: The meaty, flavorful legs of a crab that are often served steamed or boiled, with butter or a dipping sauce.
  • Crab bisque: A creamy soup made with crab meat, vegetables, and cream.
  • Crab salad: A salad made with crab meat, lettuce, and other vegetables, often served with a dressing or vinaigrette.
  • Crab rangoon: A deep-fried appetizer made with cream cheese and crab meat, often served with sweet and sour sauce.

Similar ingredients to crab include:

  • Lobster: Another type of crustacean that is often eaten as seafood, with a similar flavor and texture to crab.
  • Shrimp: A type of shellfish that is commonly eaten, often boiled, fried, or grilled.
  • Crawfish: A freshwater crustacean that is commonly eaten in the southern United States, often boiled with spices and served in a spicy sauce.
  • Clams: A type of mollusk that is often eaten steamed, grilled, or in soups and chowders.
  • Mussels: Another type of mollusk that is often eaten in dishes such as moules marinières, a classic French dish of mussels cooked in white wine and garlic.

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