Aioli is a French sauce made by mixing lemon, eggs, garlic, and olive oil into a smooth, creamy mixture resembling mayonnaise.


Description: A mayonnaise made with crushed garlic pounded with hard boiled egg yolks and mashed potatoes, sometimes with breadcrumbs added. It is an essential accompaniment to bourride, and often served with salt cod, hard boiled eggs, boiled snails and vegetables. A speciality of Provençe.

Pronounced: Ah-YOH-lee
Language: French
Ethnicity: French
Most frequent country: Widespread
Most frequent region: Provençe
Also known as: ailloli, beurre de Provençe

See places: French food and cuisine, Provençe

See foods and dishes: ail, mayonnaise, rouille
Other definition:
Aioli is referring to a garlic mayonnaise, popular in Provencal cuisine.
List of books: Aioli

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