Belekoy is a Filipino delicacy/sweet which said to orginated from Bulacan, one of the Philippine provinces located just north of Metro Manila.  Belekoy is a dark, almost black sweet pastry made from flour, sugar, and vanilla and coated sesame seeds. Usually wrapped in transparent plastic. It is sticky and has almost the consistecy of Jelly Beans. 


During my childhood years when candies were still "5-singko" (5 pieces for 1 centavo), Belekoy were available all the time in small sari-sari stores (variety stores) in my town (Valenzuela, Bulacan, where I grew up)  and as far as I can remember, they are sold as candies, like Caramel, Choc-Nut and White Rabbits and Tira-Tira.
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