- Blaa (Blaas) :

Blaa refers to the traditional Irish bread. Blaas are light-as-air bread roll, soft floury bread product unique to the city of Waterford located in the south of Ireland.

The world famous "Blaa’" is eaten mainly at breakfast time in Waterford City. Its introduction to Waterford City has been credited to the French Huguenots who settled in Waterford City in 1693.

They brought Pain Blanc to Waterford which was corrupted by Waterfordians to Blaa. Local residents in Waterford enjoy their Blaa with a "rasher" of bacon or some "Red Lead" (luncheon sausage) in the middle as a mid morning snack. Other popular fillers for Blaa include Cheese and onion crisps and sliced ham, which the locals pronounce "hang". It is common for locals to eat Hang Blaas on the side of the road before the big match.

The saucer-sized bread bun, made from flour, yeast and water, is being considered for European protected geographical integrity status, which, if granted, will mean the Blaa can be produced only in Waterford.

The homely Blaa even has a festival of its own, the "Fleadh Blaa Hooley" in Dungarvan, County Waterford.

Blaas are sometimes confused with a similar bun, known as a Bap, which is often served with less flour.

Blaa is also known or spelled as Bla or Blah

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