- Buos / Abuus :

Buos also called Abuos/Abuus refers to one of Ilocano's exotic delicacies. Buos refer to "Ants Eggs". These pale white colored "Ants eggs" are the eggs of large species of winged ants / fire ants that are collected or harvested from their nests which are hidden in the mountains and forests areas of Ilocos durung summer months.

Buos is generally prepared with very few ingredients so its original delicate and slightly sour taste is highlighted. Buos are often sautéed in tomatoes and with just a pinch of salt or just wrapped in banana leaves then steamed or boiled with little amount of water.  Cooked Buos is generally served with rice or taken as food for community drinking called Pulutan.

Buos is a seasonal delicacy which can be collected or harvested all over the province of Ilocos. It is considered as an aphrodisiac.

In Ilocos provinces, full-grown ants are also sold and prepared in the same manner as Buos.

Ilocos Region is located in the Northern part of the Philippines.