Pulutan refers to appetizers eaten during wine or beer drinking sessions in the Philippines. Pulutan are considered as snacks or finger foods that most Filipinos eat when drinking beer or liquor.

Among the populat "Pulutans" are:

1. Adobong Mani - fried peanuts with lots of garlic and chili peppers. Can also be Maning Sungsong or Boiled Peanuts

2. Sisig - roasted or grilled cheeks, ears and liver of a pig which are finely chopped, sevred with soya sauce and kalamansi with lots of chili peppers, too.

3. Chicharon - fried skin of pork or pork rinds. Served with vinegar with lots of chili peppers

4. Inihaw na Baboy or Inihaw na Pusit - grilled pork or grilled squid. Grilled fish is also included in this category.

5. Chicharon Bulaklak - deep-fried pork intestines.

These are just some of the few "Pulutans" , there are many more, depending on the beer drinkers. Some are making sliced Green Mango (Unripe mangoes)  with Bagoong as a Pulutan, too.



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