Sisig refers to a Filipino food which said to be originated from Pampanga is made from roasted pig's head, pig' cheeks, pig's ear, chicken liver, onions and chili, chopped (almost like ground/minced) together and flavored with calamansi. Sisig is often served on a hot metal plate, with slices of calamansi, some varieties are served with egg on top which is mixed with the hot chopped meats before partaking. Some others said that pig's brain is also added to the mixture to make it more tasty, but the basic is the same and only the taste varies whoever prepares it. New York chef Anthony Bourdain went to the Philippines for his hit show “No Reservation,” a television program that features international cuisine. Bourding featured Sisig, among other foods. The TV show’s historical take on the very famous Sisig dish was quite interesting. It is said that Pampanga developed and popularized the dish, specifically by a restaurant and its female owner which created the dish when the United States bases was still in Angeles, Pampanga and gave away pigs’ heads which they never cook. The said owner of the restaurant thought of a dish that could make use of this body part. The rest is history. The first time I tasted Sisig was when I was on a work assignment in Cagayan Valley, specifically in Quirino province in a Turo-Turo restaurant which is serving a very, very good Sisig, I tried to remember that dish and searched for the same while already back in Manila. Since then on, Sisig became a part of my meal whenever I will eat in a native Filipino restaurant and my favorite of all the Sisig I tasted is that of Trellis Restaurant, near Heart Center in Quezon City. Last summer of 2010 when I went home for a short visit my first stop was Trellis and its Sisig.
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