Caldera de Langosta refers to a tomato stew made of local spiny lobster. This spiny lobster has a distinctive bluish cast. Caldera de Langosta is one of the specialties of Balearic Islands in Spain, specifically Menorca (Minorca) It is made with onions, peppers, parsley, tomatoes, fennel, and different herbs and spices, like leeks, garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Its special sauce is from the liver of monkfish, toasted almonds, garlic, parsley, and a small glass of brandy. The sauce is made by roasting the monkfish liver together with the garlic, almonds, parsley and brandy, which is chopped finely until they form a smooth paste. This sauce is added to the casserole some minutes after removing the casserole from the heat. It is served on a soup dish lined with toasted bread which is rubbed by garlic or not accoring to taste.

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