Cho-Cho is a wrinkled green squash which is one of the typical Belizian vegetables. It is a Caribbean vegetable that is also known as Christophene, chayote, vegetable pear, mirliton , and mango squash. This vegetable is most like a cucumber, as it is 90\% water and has a squash like, pulpy white centre. Cho-cho belongs to the gourd family Cucurbitaceae, along with cucumbers, melons and of course the squash.

Cho-cho can be enjoyed raw as well as cooked and has no need to be peeled. The flesh texture can be most compared to being a cross between of a potato and a cucumber, and is rich in vitamin C and amino acids.

Most commonly used as a vegetable, the leaves, stem, root and stem are all also edible. The leaves and the fruit (cho-cho) both have anti-inflammatory properties and is a diuretic.

In the Philippines, the young leaves of Cho-Co called Talbos ng Sayote, are made into a salad

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