Dosa refers to the South Indian giant, rice crispy crepes or pancake made from rice and lentil flour. Masala Dosa is one of the varieties of Dosa that is rolled around a variety of fillings and served with up to 3 kinds of curries or chutneys.

Dosa is commonly known as Dosha in Kerala, India. It is a fermented flat and very thin bread made out of rice and Urad Dal/Uzhunnuparippu (Black Lentil).

Raw rice (Pachari), Urad Dal (Uzhunnuparippu) water, salt and Ghee for frying are the main ingredients in making Dosa. Raw rice and Urad Dal are soaked in water separately and after hours of soaking, they will be grinded separately until its turned into fine paste. Then they are mixed with salt and is keep overnight to ferment.

This mixture or batter is the basis of Dosa which is fried on anon-stick flat griddle called Tawa/Tava in India.

A very thin Dosa can be obtained if the rice and dall mixture or the Dosa batter is fermented properly for the right number of hours and making sure that the Dosa batter has the proper consistency to be spread evenly in all directions on the Tawa (griddle)

Dosa is also known as Dhosa, Dosay, Dhosha, Dosha, Dose, Tosai, Dosai.

Dosa is also simply known as fermented rice pancakes.

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