Fondue refers to a style of food preparation  in which diners Dip small pieces of  food, like fruits, crust of bread, etc. into a heated pot of liquid, such as oil, stock, chocolate sauce , and most particularly cheeses. 

Fondue which is pronounced is "fahn-doo" comes from the French word "fondre" which means "to melt"(as in to melt butter) or "to dissolve (as in to dissolve sugar) .  It is a pot full of melted Cheese in which crusts of bread are dipped. 

There are several types of Fondue and the most notable of which is "Cheese Fondue":
(1) Cheese Fondue is a  Swiss specialty in which Cheese is melted with wine, eggs, and seasonings and served with bread and fresh vegetables .

(2) Fondue Bourguignonne is a pot of hot oil into which the diners will cook strips of meat and Dip them
(3) Fondue Chinois where the hot oil is replaced by a rich chicken or meat broth. The meat, and fish too, are then cooked in this stock and dipped in sauces. This is similar to Fondue Bourguignonne.  

The Japanese have a dish called shabu shabu, which is similar to Fondue Chinois. Named after the swishing sound that the meat makes in the broth, Shabu-Shabu is also served with vegetables and noodles in to be eaten along with the meat.

(4) Chocolate Fondue refers to a chocolate bath that is flavored with liqueur and eaten with bread and fruit , like fresh berries (strawberries is the most notable).
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