Favata refers to a dish from Sulcis, one of the 7 Regions of Sardinia. The main ingredients of this dish are broad beans which are left to soak for 12 hours and then cooked over a low flame with olives, chard, thistles, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, parsley and pork (usually the rind or trotters). It is a dish which is particularly appreciated by the older generations and is not often found in restaurants. It is one of the traditional dishes from Sulcis, one of the 7 Regions of Sardinia.
Other definition:
Favata is a Sardinian stew of dried fava beans with tomato, cardoons, wild fennel, sausage and salt pork. Favata, or bean soup, is made with dried broad beans cooked with fat pork, pork skin, home-cured sausages, cabbage, pork fat, wild fennel and spring onions.

Favata is pronounced "fah-vah-tah"

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