Gopchang Jeongol refers to Korea's casserole or stew made of tripe. It is a seasoned entrails stew with vegetables . It is also defined as a hot pot dish that contains chopped and seasoned beef tripe and assorted vegetables cooked in a spicy beef broth. All ingredients are arranged in a large bowl and cooked in a spicy beef broth. Gopchang Jeongol also known as Gopchang-Jeongol is a casserole dish which can be served as a main dish that is eaten with rice or as a side dish while drinking. It is made by boiling the beef entrails until tender and seasoned with red pepper powder and oil or fat. When eaten at a restaurant, they are cooked again in beef broth with vegetables in a wide, round pan right at the table. In the last minute of cooking, cooked noodles are added.
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