Hamantash refers to a pastry in Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine which is recognizable for its three-cornered shape. It is a crumbly, jam- or nut-filled cookie eaten during Purim. Hamanash got its name after the villain Haman. Hamantash cookies or Hamantaschen (the plural form of Hamantash) are traditionally filled with poppy seeds, but can also be made with other sweet fillings such as prune butter or apricot and strawberry preserves and sometimes there are people who fill the cookies peanut butter, chocolate, etc. The hidden filling is a symbolic allusion to the hidden miracle of Purim. Hamantash is also called Purim Hamantash or Purim Cookies, and also spelled as Hamentasch, Homentash, Homentasch, Umentash or Humentash

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