English: Kiniler / Deutsch: Kiniler / Español: Kiniler / Português: Kiniler / Français: Kiniler / Italiano: Kiniler /

Kiniler refers to the Pangasinan term for what is commonly known as Ginataang Bilo-bilo or Ginataang Halo-halo, can be as simple as rice balls and diced cooking banana called Saba in the Philippines, cooked in Gata (coconut cream) thickened by ground glutinous rice. It can also be made from a stew of different fruits, such as: Kamote (sweet potato) in three colors (white, yellow and purple), Cooking banana called Saba, Langka (jackfruit), even Buko (young coconut) and Mais (corn) and flavored with Anise. Kiniler can be multi-textural (1) soft and sticky (when it is made from small marble shaped sticky rice called Bilo-bilo), crunchy (when it has Langka and Ube, jackfruit and purple yam ), chewy (Sago -Tapioca balls and Saba), mushy (Kamote or sweet potatoes). Pangasinan is one of the Provinces in the Northern part of the Philippines

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