Khaddu refers to squash or pumpkin used in Caribbean cuisineUsually, traditional pumpkins from North America and Europe are orange in color. Khaddu is of different variety, it usually range from green to yellow skin, with yellow to orange flesh

It is mainly used in the Caribbean, South America, Africa and India, and some Asian countries, like the Philippines. these pumpkins are most similar to the acorn squash, but sweeter with a slightly nuttier taste.

Growing from trailing vines, pumpkins are members of the squash family.

It is also known as Calabasa or Pumpkin and can be used and cooked in various ways

Last autumn, I was given a very big squash because nobody anted it, I made it into a delicious marmalade. I remebered that when I was young, I had a recipe for making a candy out of Squash , so I thought I can also make it into a marmalade and I was successful as it was a hit to everybody who got a bottle of my "Kurbismarmalade". Squash is called Kurbis in German

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