Laap refers to a common Laotian dish. Laap is a mixture of meat or fish and lime juice, garlic, rice, green onions, mint and chilis.


Moreover, Laap is a traditional Lao salad made from minced meat, crushed herbs (lemongrass and mint), galangal and lime juice. Its light and zesty flavor makes it a perfect complement to a warm day.

 Personal Note: Very similar to Germany's Mettwurst which is also made of minced meat and eaten raw. Mettwurst is a raw minced/ground meat used as a bread spread topped with raw sliced onions. I tried to order this type of bread one time, because I am so curious what it is all about, but one thing that I really can not eat is raw meat so I didn't enjoy this particular German fo

Other  Definition:

Laap refers to a spicy dish from Laos made of minced meat, poultry or fish mixed with lime juice, garlic, chilli pepper, onion and mint. Generally, minced meats used in Laap are cooked (Laap Suk) or raw.

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