Lomo-Lomo also called Lomo Lomo or Lumo-Lumo refers to an Ilocano dish which is made of pork, and other internal organs of the pig, including the brain which is one of the most important ingredients of this dish. It is the pig's brain added to this dish that gives it its distinct flavor. It can also be prepared without the pig's brain, but the taste will not be the same.

Lomo-Lomo is soupy dish that can be both served as a soup or as a main meal with a steaming hot newly cooked rice.

Ilocos is located in the northern part of the Philippines. The people in Ilocos are called Ilocanos. They are known for being industrious and frugal. Their creativity is seen by the dishes that they produce, from meat to seafood to vegetables and fruits and even from rice.

Personal Note: I do not know here in Germany where to buy pig's brain, I have already seen Tripe and liver , but have not asked yet where to find the brain and if at all if I will  have the courage to ask where I can find pig's brain. Maybe, I will never be able to find one supermarket which sells it, not even in Asian food shops where I go to. It is said that , Pig’s brain is also Hard to find in the grocery stores in America, so the best places to go to are the Asian or Mexican stores/food shops. Seco de Puerco is the Mexican term for pig's brain.



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