Mustamakkara refers to Finnish blood sausage, black pudding. Mustamakkara literally means "black sausage" that is typical to the town of Tampere in southwestern Finland. Mustamakkara sausages are made with pork, pork fat, blood, barley or rye grits and flour, onion and salt. The brownish-black, grainy-textured sausages are boiled and fried, nowadays thrice baked in oven, and served hot with lingonberry jam. Essentially a version of blood sausage, Mustamakkara is a mixture of pig’s blood, crushed rye, flour, and pork that is stuffed into an animal intestine casing. Whether cooked over a fire, in an oven, or in a boiling pot of water, Mustamakkara is almost indefinitely served with a side dish of lingonberry jam. When enjoying the food in Finland, lingonberry jam will almost certainly be something that you will come across.
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