Minchi refers to one of the popular Macau or Macanese dishes made of minced beef with fried potatoes, soy, onions and a fried egg. Minchi is the Macanese equivalent of sloppy joe - ground meat, often a combination of pork and beef, sauteed with chopped onion and garlic, flavored with soy sauce, and stretched with diced potato.
Minchi, however, is a dish not commonly found in restaurants, not only because of its simplicity and humble appearance but because criticisms would be inevitable. Every Macanese seems to believe that the version made by his mother or grandmother is unquestionably the best. Minchi is usually served with a scoop of boiled white rice or shoveled down cold, late at night, by the light of the refrigerator. Locals insist it’s a cure-all for too much strong drink or for the gloom induced by an unlucky tryst with the slot machines. For Macanese minchi is a true comfort food

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