Pimientos de Padron is also simply known as Padron, a variety of non-spicy pepper which originated from Padron, Galicia, Spain. In Spain, they are often serve as Tapa.

Padron is called Bratpaprika or Paprika grun in Germany.

Brat is translated as fry, roast or grill. Bratpaprika literally means "frying pepper", pepper intented for frying grilling or roasting and served as a side dish.

I love Padron very much. Whenever they are available in the supermarkets, I buy some packs and sautee them in olive oil and a bit of salt, sometimes I put a little amount of soy sauce and it taste good, too.

Below are pictures of fresh Padron and my sauteed Padron.

Fresh Padron
Fresh Padron

Padron being sauteed in Olive Oil and Soysauce, below with a dash of lemon juice, my own invention

This Padron travelled all the way from Spain to Germany.

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